Moving Mayhem

What a long weekend! My parents are in the process of moving out, we're in the process of moving in and the end result = four people's belongings and none of it in the right place. Seriously, the house feels like a tornado tore through it and that was after we spent the past 2 days working in it! But I would like to be the first to point out that my darling wife is being extremely (and maybe suprisingly) patient through it all and, despite her burgeoning belly, did a lion's share of the work. She's a machine. My machine. My sexy machine.

But this weekend did mark the fruition of a project! I've been working on building a bookcase for our new office.

Due to our new digs being so spacious we not only have a baby room, but I finally get an office (slash/ scrapbooking room =) I've been working away, sanding and cutting. (Thank God for good weather!)Here the wood is "getting its stain on"......And here is me "getting my stain on".With a little expert help from the 1-800-CALL-DADDY line I got the pieces put together and moved upstairs.And then, viola! From design to completion, there it was!With room for all of my books and space for me to buy a few more (right honey?)Still a few touches to the room, a chair to add, some pictures to hang but... this was really the first time I got to do a room how I thought it should be and I kinda like it.

One more day off for me and then back to school for another 3 1/2 weeks. And then summer can begin! Actually, I have a bunch of reading and research to do for my Master's but at least that's at my own pace and now I have a great office to do it in!


Zombie said...

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Jen said...

looks fantastic!