Hey all,

No we're not all moved into our new digs yet but, I am moving my blog away from passthekimchi.blogspot.com

This one was built for our travels and, as the address suggests, was a little too place specific. For Ethiopia I kept the URL but changed the name. Now it's time to simply move and start over, something a little more inclusive of all the pots my fingers are in.

So come see the new blog at http://ericswanderings.blogspot.com/

This is where I'll be from here on in, so change your bookmarks, blog links, whatever.

Hopefully I'll be posting regularly over there and it's going to be the best way for all of you, our friends all over the world, to keep tabs on us. So go check it out!


νƒœκΆŒμ†Œλ…€ said...

My name is Minjee Kang and I am a student of Sookmyung Women's University in Korea.

First of all I appreciate your consideration about Korea. I would like to introduce Korean culture more, so would like to me send you an e-mail address?

My e-mail address is smpkmj69@naver.com
I will wait your e-mail. Thank you very much. :)

Frenzied Texas Momma said...

It is really neat to find another Nolana in this world! (Am I right that your wifes name is Nolana? If not then just delete). I thought I would just say hello and YAY! I dont know if the link on my name goes to my blog, but here it is. http://frenziedtexasmomma.blogspot.com. Nice to have met you!