Hey all,

No we're not all moved into our new digs yet but, I am moving my blog away from passthekimchi.blogspot.com

This one was built for our travels and, as the address suggests, was a little too place specific. For Ethiopia I kept the URL but changed the name. Now it's time to simply move and start over, something a little more inclusive of all the pots my fingers are in.

So come see the new blog at http://ericswanderings.blogspot.com/

This is where I'll be from here on in, so change your bookmarks, blog links, whatever.

Hopefully I'll be posting regularly over there and it's going to be the best way for all of you, our friends all over the world, to keep tabs on us. So go check it out!


Moving Mayhem

What a long weekend! My parents are in the process of moving out, we're in the process of moving in and the end result = four people's belongings and none of it in the right place. Seriously, the house feels like a tornado tore through it and that was after we spent the past 2 days working in it! But I would like to be the first to point out that my darling wife is being extremely (and maybe suprisingly) patient through it all and, despite her burgeoning belly, did a lion's share of the work. She's a machine. My machine. My sexy machine.

But this weekend did mark the fruition of a project! I've been working on building a bookcase for our new office.

Due to our new digs being so spacious we not only have a baby room, but I finally get an office (slash/ scrapbooking room =) I've been working away, sanding and cutting. (Thank God for good weather!)Here the wood is "getting its stain on"......And here is me "getting my stain on".With a little expert help from the 1-800-CALL-DADDY line I got the pieces put together and moved upstairs.And then, viola! From design to completion, there it was!With room for all of my books and space for me to buy a few more (right honey?)Still a few touches to the room, a chair to add, some pictures to hang but... this was really the first time I got to do a room how I thought it should be and I kinda like it.

One more day off for me and then back to school for another 3 1/2 weeks. And then summer can begin! Actually, I have a bunch of reading and research to do for my Master's but at least that's at my own pace and now I have a great office to do it in!