Summer of BBQ

I declare the summer of 2008 the Summer of BBQ! The last couple of summer we haven't been around to take advantage of long sunny evenings, a deck and a BBQ so now... we're going to! We've got a great big deck, a BBQ, and lots of recipes to try.
I planked again, this time for my mom.
Tried two different salmon recipes: Terriyaki Pineapple and Sun dried Tomato. Both were yummy but all agreed the Sun-Dried Tomato was to die for... seriously yummy. I've been out BBQ'ing this week, rain or shine (mostly rain) - steaks, chicken, pork. I'm thinking meat and veggies is a solid diet. Normally that wouldn't fly with my Sweetie, but thanks to the bump in her tummy she's realized the importance of things like protein and iron! So fire up the BBQ, stock the fridge - we're having a BBQ. Once we move in proper, it'll be time to have guests over to share our deck abundance. Nothing beats a warm evening, a steak with a mug of Blackbery Porter, cool tunes and good friends to share it with.
As for everything else... I am half done my crazy days of classes, just 3 more weeks of mayhem. I've been putting in 10-12 hour days at school just to make sure everything gets done. Taking 4 semester long classes in 7 weeks isn't as easy as I remember it to be...
The little one in the tummy is growing. Had our first ultrasound last week, saw him/her just lounging around. Even got the ol' thumbs up. Pretty cool. And the last 2 night I got to feel the baby kicking for the first times, way cool! Guess this whole baby thing is for real.
Otherwise, life is moving on. Kinda weird to be in the grind and yet still feeling in limbo until we properly move and unpack everything. Be good to get everything out and feel properly settled... though there's no complaints about the current roof over our heads from this end!
For those of you who are still hoping to see us... it's all gonna settle down soon. I promise!
And a parting shot. Me and the little hoodlum.


The Renegade Librarian said...

Glad that things are going so well, despite feeling a bit in limbo and unsettled. Your grub looked pretty darn good, that's for sure. And good shot of you and the niece! Keep it real, dude...

The Renegade Librarian said...

P.S. I changed the link to your blog on mine to "Eric R", just so you know I didn't delete it! Keep up the posts, we always enjoy them!