Obama vs. Ol' Dobby

Now you may not look at the news but this one one is fresh off today's, "Obama Dismisses Dobson" coming after yesterday's, "Dobson Blasts Obama on Bible." As you can see, a little dispute is brewing.

Now a caveat, I'm not an Obama groupie. Don't think he's going to change the world, or even America for that matter. I think he's a better choice than Bush. I don't think he's a miracle worker.

Another caveat, I'm not a Dobson fan. I think his organization does some good things and I think he's a headline grabber. I don't like his political stances and I think he misrepresents Christianity. He ashames me for the most part.

It's always better to let people know where you're coming from, the good ol' post-modern way. Situate, situate, situate.

Now to simplify this little dispute. Obama thinks the Bible's not really that applicable to governing a country. To support this he quotes Leviticus where slavery seems to be okayed and shellfish are an abomination. Obama also claims sections such as the Sermon on the Mount are too radical for governing a country.

Ol' Dobby refutes this claim and says Obama is misquoting the Bible to support his own twisted theology.

Here's where I put my foot down, whip out my most imposing lecture face and start swinging around my right pointer finger...

Obama's right. America is not a Christian nation and has a set of laws to govern it, not the Bible. He's right, slavery in not okay in America. And most importantly, he's right when he says the Sermon on the Mount is too radical for governing a country!

All Christ-imitators should be saying in unison, "My goal is not to change or rule a nation". Say it with me!

The Bible clearly states that our goal is to love Christ and then love our neighbor, the two most important commands. No governing of society. Christ's radical demands on Christian life just don't jive with civil rule. Government serves the "will of the people". The Bible is about the "will of God". They don't mix and, as the Bible clearly states, "You can't serve two masters."

So this is where Ol' Dobby gets in trouble. He rather likes the mixture of government and God, civil rule and Christianity. He likes getting his hands dirty and mixing it up politically, whether it's gay teletubbies, John McCain or Ted Haggard. He think his job is to "Christianize" America.

This is where I run fast and far away. My job as a Christian is not to change society... it's to have Christ change me and change individuals through me. We've seen how Christian societies turned out (Google "Munster" and "reformation" together and see what I mean, or try "Calvin" and "Geneva"). In fact, after the debacles of Munster we had guys like the Mennonites saying we need to remove ourselves completely from society, we're just too radical for governing!

So, as official scorekeeper for Dobby vs. Obama: Biblical Interpretion I score the Democrat 1, the confused Republican 0.


Marla said...

TOTALLY!!! love what you have to say ritskes!

Jen said...

Amen brotha!

Jill said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Michelle said...

Now that is the best sermon I have heard in a long time.