I have a condition where I simply can't stay in one place too long. My feet get itchy, my eyes roam, and my mind wanders to other places. Seriously, I am always planning the next big trip (road trip to Mexico, Tam!) or thinking of where I want to go next (Belize). I have a top ten list of places to visit. I love travel. Doesn't matter where it is, as long as I am moving and seeing new things.
So for my birthday I asked for travel! This weekend we packed up the car and headed up island for a relaxing wekend away in Ucluelet, compliments of my family (thanks guys!). A beautiful drive (minus the crappy roads the last 30km or so) and I was reminded of just how beautiful BC truly is, especially this island we call home.

We had a nice little B&B on the ocean with a hot tub on the deck (it pretty much doesn't get better than that!)I got to spend the weekend whiling away the hours with my sweetie (again, does it get better than that!) as we watched movies, walked along the beach and explored the ocean (I won "Who can find the biggest crab"!).All in all, a sweet way to spend a weekend and a temporary relief for my itch. I am reminded again of how much we all sometimes just need to get away. Even if you do the same things you might do at home, just getting away from the feeling of responsibility and feeling the road underneath does some serious good. Fun times.


Jen said...

Gorgeous pictures!

I'm the same way. I could travel and travel and then travel some more.

But I don't.

Janis said...

wowzers. looks awesome!
so glad that you guys had fun.
and of course you won "who can find the biggest crab." you just had to look in the mirror.

oooooooooooh! just kidding! :)

~Nanc. said...