In the Whirlwind

It's true. All those rumors and celebrity like sightings are indeed confirming what most of you now know, Eric and Nolana are back in Canada! We were scheduled to be back in Victoria in July but as your calendar will point out it is only May.

So why are we back? As some of you already know, Nolana and I are going to be parents!

So, you can see, it has been quite the month. We arrived home on the 8th of April, with only our parents knowing we were returning. We slipped into Victoria Aiport, avoided the paparazzi and bunkered down for a few days to recover from our 30 hour trip. Since then Nolana has had way too much fun suprising all of our friends and family with the news we are back!
I think my favorite moment was suprising Jani who had recently broken a rib so the excitement caused a bit too much movement for her rib so she was convulsing in a state between ecstasy and immense pain, crying, laughing, gasping... Though it was pretty sweet to suprise Lori coming back from New Zealand too.

The neat thing for Nolana is that two of her close friends are also pregnant, one of them due 2 months before her and the other due about 4 days later. Oh yeah, we're due around Nov. 1 and no we're not going to find out the sex and no we have not decided on names (just heading the questions off before they come, I'm a pro now!).

Not everyone was happy to see us back as we were greeted with uncharacteristically cold weather and an April record for snow in Victoria.

But we're settling in. We've bought a car.

Four door special. And we have a place to move into, top part of a house with 3 bedroom, great area, and the best thing about it is that it's a steal (thanks Mom and Dad! lol). So yesterday I painted the baby room and we're making plans to get somewhat moved in the next couple of weeks while the parents are moving out.

Nolana's started back at the hospital and already has a full time job which is great, she'll work enough hours to get her maternity leave in a few months. Myself... due to some complications I am back in school for this year, taking some courses to qualify me for my teaching certificate. Starting May 12 I am a student again. Not sure how I feel about it but at the same time I feel up for the challenge.

As for future plans... we are all up in the air. We loved Ethiopia and would love to go back there or possibly somewhere else on the fair continent of Africa, so we're looking around for opportunities and hoping God will lead. We are back in Victoria for at least a year and then we'll have to see. So if we haven't seen you around yet, we have some time to catch up with everyone!

Hopefully I'll be updating this more regularly but no promises. Hope you are all as well as we are, which is pretty peachy keen!


The Renegade Librarian said...

Good to have y'all home! Hope we can catch up sometime soon...

Jen said...

CONGRATS! So very very exciting. :)

lori <> said...

BAHAHA those photos are ridiculous.
apparently, i was surprised.

and guess what?
i'm going to be an aunt.

Marla said...

congrats you guys! and welcome back to canada! we know how life can be when "dad" is going to school and "mom" is expecting. maury's last 3 months of school were tiresome but good and now we'll have a little bundle of our own in about a month and a half! wahoo! good luck with all of the adaptations in the next little while. we'll be praying for you.