School Days

Hey there Blogger world, we're finally here for a much needed update. Due to a tropical virus our computer was down for some time and we were unable to post. But now it's all good. So I thought I would share some pictures of my school and my kids. Enjoy!
My Grade 4 class which is my absolute favorite. 24 kids who for the most part love to engage and think the world of me. We have a lot of fun. I see them about 7 periods a week.My Grade 6 class which is quite small. The 7 kids and I have some great discussion such as "Is it ok to beat your wife?" or "Is it ok for a Muslim to marry a Christian?". The girl in the hijab in the back is the smartest girl in the school, she could easily go to school in Canada and excel.These are 3 of the boys in my Grade 5 class. You are looking at trouble. Just this past week 3 of them (including the 2 on the left) were expelled for a week. That class just does not know the meaning of quiet or of work. Amazing how 11 kids can cause so much trouble! This is Hamdiya, one of the 3 Canadian children at the school. She was born in Canada and has lived there all her life until 2 years ago when her family moved back to Ethiopia. Her English is excellent and she has a pretty sharp wit. Always talking away and asking me to sing the Canadian anthem for her!Some of my Grade 2 and 3 girls. I taught them at the beginning of the year and now I don't so they miss me and love to just come chat with me. I love my kids' smiles. Some of them go a long way in making a crappy day a lot better.The boy in the back is Feysal and he is my biggest fan. He's in Grade 6, stands about 5 foot 9 and is incredibly affectionate. He started off the year failing miserably until he got in my class and all of a sudden decided he was willing to work at it. Now he averages around %70. He always states how much he loves me and always has to hug me or kiss me on the cheek. Ethiopians in general are way more affectionate but to see a teenage boy trying to kiss his teacher still sometimes gives me a bit of a shock! Me and the boys! They like to chill, play football (soccer) and cause trouble like most boys do. And suprisingly enough most of them love their English teacher. Which makes what I do here all so worth it.


Jen said...

You are right- fantastic smiles on all those kids. How nice that you can be one of the reasons they smile. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i love this post!
the pics are so good and you can tell those kids love you! :)