Photo Album

I know you all love to see pictures so here are a few of some Ethiopian sights.

These are some pictures of the crazy traffic that sometimes develops here. The blue and whites are what Nolana and I use to get around. Maybe 12 cents for a ride.

Here are some of the Orthodox worshippers. Some of the churches are beautiful and ornate and some mere walls. At least 50% of people here are orthodox.

From the overpass. You can see the fruit stall as well as the coal seller.

The grandeur of the Sheraton contrasted with the shacks just outside. The Sheraton in Addis is ridiculously opulent compared to its surroundings.

Some of the many many country boys that roam the streets. Most roam or sell lottery tickets or perform odd jobs. Always with the blankets, that's how you know them.

Us and some of the people she works with at the hospital cutting a friendship bread of sorts. The Ethiopian lady in the front had us all over. She is an amazing lady and super friendly. Calls Nolana her daughter and always makes sure she come over and hugs/kisses us.

These are the 2 children she just adopted. She makes about $100 a month but said, I see all the Americans adopting our kids and thought i should help too. Amazing.

So, these are some snapshots of our life here, hope you like them!