Looking Back

When we were in Malaysia in July we did a tour with this one company. They have compiled some of the pictures and video and made us a little video to share. You can see it here:


It was a great community based company that funneled the money they made right back into the communities. Instead of abusing the communities and land they were fighting to protect it. Our guide was a fabulous source of information and we had a great time. If you're even in Malaysia they have some GREAT tours.


Just about Set to GO

Well, after a couple weeks of preparing, almost not getting our visas done in time, and hanging with friends and family... we are ready to go. Mostly ready at least.

Couple of days ago we hadn't received our passports and visas back yet, even though we had sent them weeks ago. So we called the embassy only to find there was a problem. The sponsorship letter from my school so I could get a business visa was addressed to me and not the embassy so I couldn't get a visa. And instead of trying to call me and tell me they had just filed our passports away. So we were 3 days from leaving with no visa and no passports. After some serious worrying, a helpful soon-to-be colleague who answered a late night international call, prayer and Fed-ex we should be alright.

So we depart Friday morning at 7:30 from Victoria, fly to Toronto and then on to Frankfurt and the last leg is to Addis through Khartoum, Sudan. 21+ hours of actual flying time and even with super tight connections that leaves us with 30+ travel hours. We arrive 8:45 pm in Addis and hopefully someone is there to pick us up and take us to our place... which we have no clue what it will be. Sounds like the start of a serious adventure!

It hasn't been easy but I think I am ready to get to Africa and see what's in store for us. We are really uncertain what to expect and we know it won't be easy once we're there either. We just hope it will be worthwhile and rewarding. As they say, nothing good comes easy.

So we'll be updating when we can, hopefully with some pictures of our new home!


Have breath, Will travel

When we arrived back in Victoria we just wanted to stay put and relax, see friends and just enjoy being home. But I think I have a sickness. I have the inability to sit still (unless Nolana needs some housework done!) I decided to take a marathon road trip to Calgary to see my grandmother who was just diagnosed with cancer.

But first I had a wedding to attend in North Vancouver. Not only was I attending, I was the preacher man! Lately I have been hearing alot about how I look alot like my dad and sound like my dad so I figured, why not start acting like my dad!

I got asked by my friend Nik to officiate his wedding in North Van. He is from Finland and they had already been officially married in Finland so they didn't need anyone official to do the ceremony in Canada.It was quite the experience. Beautiful wedding right on the water, it was great fun to be involved like this.Saturday night I slept a bit in the car and then early Sunday morning hit the road for Calgary. Arrived that afternoon and stayed there Monday. Tuesday morning I left and made it all the way back to Vancouver that night. It was amazing scenery, through 4 national parks. One of the nicest trips in Canada.

But NOW I am staying put. At least for a couple weeks until we leave for Ethiopia.


As you can see there are a few changes to the blog, most noteworthy being the new name. The blog will not be moving and you can still find updates on our adventures at www.passthekimchi.blogspot.com

Nolana was a little confused with the new name so let me explain. Ethiopia and and the surrounding area is widely considered to be the "cradle of civilization", where it all began. It has an incredible history and is vastly unique from the surrounding African countries. The blog name illustrates our desire to "go back" and learn some of this history and to explore the fascinating country.

Stick with us as we no doubt will have some adjustment time when we arrive and blogging might be more of a challenge but we hope to continue to update this as frequently as possible.



Sorry for the massive delay in posting, things have been quite hectic since getting back. If you're on my Facebook then I now have some pictures up there. If you're not you should hopefully be able to see them at the link on the bottom.

I'm currently in Calgary visiting my grandparents and Nolana is in Whistler. Our first time apart. I am pretty sure she is out partying while I am taking care of gramps and gran.

When I get back on Wednesday I will update you further with what we've been up to and what else is going on. Hope you're all having a fabulous long weekend!