More Diving pictures

Diving Malaysia

Here are two video's. The first is of me diving in Mabul with a couple schools of jackfish. The second is of diving Sipidan which was phenomenal. It's a bit long but looking at it is so beautiful. It was the reknowned Costeau's favorite spot to dive and world reknown as one of the best spots in the world. It was so amazing. A 2 metre white tipped reef shark glided right by me. A large green turtle floated right over top of me. Schools of fish swarmed around me. So amazing. Also, I am going to share some photos from my diving in Mabul, an island neighboring Sipidan. Enjoy and more pictures and stories from our trip will be coming!!


Malaysia update!

Hey all, just a quick note to tell you all we are alive and kicking in the jungles/rivers/beaches/depths/street vendors/internet cafes of Malaysia. We have had a great time despite some hectic travel that always seems to get delayed somehow. The big guy upstairs is getting a real kick out of finding new ways to delay us somehow. But we keep on.

I did my diving course the first few days on the Perhentians, it was great. I did one more dive after that and have at least one more full day of diving yet. Saw some giant whiprays, tons of fish that you wouldn't see anywhere else, a large jelleyfish, etc...

Last night we went on this great eco/community tourist adventure and saw a giant mangrove forest/swamp, had a snack in a small fishing villiage, saw a floating fish farm, toured down the river at night and saw a gazillion fireflies. They're making a video so we can share it all with you guys. When they let us know, I'll let you know. Now we're in the Cameron Highlands. The bus barely made it up the steep, narrow roads (and that was after we went to catch the early bus and it was full so we had to wait a couple hours for the next one). Such is life and we are enjoying it. We will put up lots of pics when we get back on the 26th! Can't wait to see all you Victoria family and friends!



It's a wrap. We finished our last day at school and are finishing the last bits of packing. We gave away all our extras to friends yesterday. We've said our goodbyes. We have our tickets and tonight at midnight we catch the bus to Seoul and then a flight out in the morning to Singapore and Malaysia. It's all a little wierd.
So I thought I would post my musings on what I will miss and then what I won't miss about this crazy country. So here it is.
1. All the amazing friends we made here. All of ya all.

Seriously, you guys made life here more than bearable and helped us make a home here.

2. Vashajn. Seriously bro, I better see you in Ethiopia. Thanks for the coolness, the chill factor and just being able to listen to hip-hop, smoke, eat dinner, etc... You the man.

3. Devin and Geordie for the great times playing basketball.

4. All the great food that you can cook and play with right at your table.

Samgyepsal, shabu-shabu, fried rice.... I am slightly afraid that all my favorites back home that I am longing for are going to taste a little bland after all the spicy food I have grown to love.

5. Being able to see this from my window.

6. And being able to go walk in the amazing park that is right down the street. Every city should have a park like this.

7. Being able to drive my scooter with no silly road rules to slow me down.

Seriously, red lights are for wussies. Driving in Canada is just gonna be a little different. No driving on sidewalks, no budging to the front of long lines...

8. All the great little kiddies who love us at school.

Some of them stole our hearts. Today was really sad for some of them, one girl started crying when she heard I was really not coming back. They are all so affectionate and energetic and we loved hanging with them most days.

9. The beautiful Korean scenery (outside of the city).

10 All the crazy sights and smells. Yes, that's right, I will miss it. Spices up life and makes going down the street for a walk an adventure.

11. Going to the orphanage in Busan.

I had some great times hanging with the kids there. We had fun as a group going there and those kids were just amazing in how they smiled and just loved to play and enjoy life. It was good times.


1. The incompetence and down right low-downness that went on daily at work. Enough said.

2. People constantly staring at what you have in your bag. Walk down the street and people will not even look at you but intently peer at what the foreigner has in their bag.

3. The humidity. The smoggy days. The intense heat. All the crazy weather that you just don't get in mild Victoria.

Really, looking at those two lists it is easy to see that I appreciated my time in Korea more than I disliked it. It's just too bad that work took up so much of my time. But I guess that's life.

We're off for a fabulous 3 weeks in Malaysia so will likely be mostly incommunicado. I might be able to post a blog or two but we'll have to see. If not, we will bombard you with pictures when we get back. Also, look for changes to the blog before we head off for our next adventure.

We're OFF!


Canada Day (in Korea)

While Canada celebrated its birthday with fireworks, BBQ's and mass celebrations, tucked away in a corner of Korea, a group of dedicated Canadians (with an odd American and Brit) celebrated its national birthday. We got together after church for pizza with Canadian bacon...

And had fun hanging with our friends for one of the last times here...

In the evening our pastor had a farewell party for us and we got to hang out with everyone again.

And had special cookies that Nolana made...It was a great day. The church took a suprise love offering for us going to Ethiopia and it was an amazing reminder of the great generosity of people and the strong community one can find within the body. It just really stood out as a stark reminder that not all Koreans are money-grabbing hagwon owners who will do anything they can to rip you off. We felt loved.

So even in Korea you can have a great Canada day. Something tells me this won't be our last Canada day in a foreign country...