So I guess God heard my prayers and gave us some nice weather to enjoy this past weekend! Saturday we snuck in a couple games of basketball even though the court was damp in spots. Then we got to go out for dinner and found a pretty nice brewhouse that brews great dark beer, which is super difficult to find here.
Sunday dawned sunny and stayed that way all day. 20+ degrees and gorgeous. We went out for sushi with some friends and then Devin and I went to play some basketball.

And Nolana went for a walk in the park which was crazy packed with pretty much the whole city of Ulsan enjoying the first nice Sunday.We were still playing when she came back so she sat and watched and was a real asset to us because all the Korean guys were staring at her! It was such a great day we just sat around after, soaking up the warmth.

With all the nice weather the flowers are starting to come out and add some color to the brownness.

We are going to head out this next weekend to see the cherry blossoms which are a huge deal here and are reportedly quite beautiful. We're going to Jinhae which is supposed to be the best place in Korea so hopefully we'll get some great pictures to show you.

All in all it turned out to be a great, relaxing weekend.


Of All the Rotten Luck

This week has been gorgeous, yesterday peaking with 21 degrees Celcius. My friend Devin and I have been trying to get out there and play some basketball but with our schedules varying, weekends are pretty much our only time to play right now. We've been stoked to get out in the nice weather and play...

....And then this morning we woke up to rain! Sunny all week and Saturday it rains. Why does it always seem to happen this way? Guess no basketball today.

So to make my day a little more bearable I brewed a pot of Vietnamese coffee, went and picked up some sausage and egg McMuffins from Mickey D's and watched a bit of the Raptors game online.

On other fronts, still listening to the blues. Man, those guys can JAM! Serious guitar work.

I've also been listening to alot of podcasts when I go exercise. Some classic philosophy, some apologetics, some lectures... It's amazing what can be found on there, and all for FREE! I love that I can keep my mind learning and at the same time as I am keeping my body up to shape.

As for school... well.... things just never change. Really. But we are learning on a daily basis how to survive and I am still thankful for a job that allows me to travel and make some good money. As much as it can suck, there are always positives. It's just hard sometimes when you know people with great jobs here and think life could be so much easier... like when everybody has Wednesday off and we had to work!!

We're down to 3 1/2 months and are starting to send some things home, as well as planning our end-of-contract trip to Malaysia. I think by Nolana's count we have 15 weeks left in our contract. Not that she's counting. All in good time.....



I have a lack of interesting Korea info to post so instead I offer this unbeleivable witty video for you to view. There is no exit strategy....


The Blues are Still Blue

I've been in a serious blues kick these past few weeks, jamming to the wicked guitar of BB King and the like. Let me tell you, the blues are still blue!
I've also taken to wandering in the hills. In the massive park beside our house there is quite the expanse of hills and trails. I have been going at night and hiking up to an exercise area which is in a clearing at the very top.

I go at night for two reasons. First, it is empty at night. During the daylight hours it is populated by many an old lady doing their stretches. Not really my thing. Second, there is quite the view of the city lights at night.So as you do your crunches or stretches you can look out over the lights. I have been bringing the iPod and listening to Ravi Zacharias' lectures/podcasts. So I excercise/look/listen/think... and it is all quite fulfilling and relaxing. 8 months here and still new joys to discover.


Church of Neon

Something unique to Korea ( I think) is the neon crosses that dot the skyline. Every church has a neon cross, some small and some large. I guess as a beacon to salvation or something. When you're lost all you have to do is look up and make your way to the nearest church! Or maybe because the society really just loves neon. Or maybe so you can see how many churches there actually are (which is alot!) Who knows why but at night you can look across the skyline and count a half dozen crosses glowing, whichever way you look.

On a completely different note we celebrate our 8 month mark today. 2/3rds done and the end is in sight which is truly a weird feeling. This alien environment seems more normal day by day. I am convinced Canada is going to be a shock to the system when we return.


Road Trip!

We had a lovely, sunny Thursday off due to the Koreans resisting Japanese rule (in the 1940's)... so we decided to get the scooter gang together and take a road trip! Off we went to Eonyang which is still technically a part of Ulsan but about 30-40 min. away by scooter. Here's the gang (minus Nolana who is taking the picture... as usual!)

First we stopped by the Amethyst Cave which was quite the production. It's a big cave where they mined amethysts at one point and have turned into an amusement park/museum mish-mash of everything. We wandered through rooms such as the Egypt Room and the African room (what does this have to do with Korea?) Statues randomly placed in every nook and cranny...We watched such performances as this one and a guy juggling a pot...

Only in Korea do you watch a roller skate performance, underground surrounded by replicas of Egyptian guards and mummies. You had to laugh a little bit so we had a bit of fun taking pictures with some of the statues.

Then we went to find a waterfall that is considered a scenic sight of Ulsan. When we arrived at the mountain we found out it was a 5 km hike way up the mountain. So we decided against it and hiked the 1 km to this roaring falls.

While it was hardly noteworthy, when I climbed around to see if I could get under the falls I spotted a little cave with candles burning in it. So some of us climbed up and found this little cave/shrine.The opening was just big enough to get into and inside were burning candles. Nothing more. You'd see some in little nooks where people had left them, most likely as a prayer for someone. It was really cool to find this, you pretty much had to know it was there or be under the falls to find it...

Finally we stopped by another scenic sight of Ulsan, which is this river bed that has been worn smooth by the water. Nolana got a great picture of it.

Nothing too spectacular but Devin and I found an abandoned shopping cart and had some fun tooling around on the smooth rock. It was a great adventure for a random day off!